Saturday, July 7, 2012

Airstream factory

Airstream has a well-earned mystique as an American design icon. The fact that these sleek, streamlined, futuristic beauties come together in the big blue building overlooking flat pastoral cornfields deep in agricultural Ohio.
What often gets forgotten is Airstream's roots in the golden dreamland of post-war L.A. It's a little remarkable that through six decades of boom and bust the Airstream plant where our Cruisette was built still stands at 1755 N. Main Street in Los Angeles.

Airstream plant

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Much modified, and occupied by a security firm, this building is still quite recognizeable when you compare it with this mid-50s view:

In this close-up you can clearly see the window and two roll-up doors along with the cast metal corner protectors on the center door opening:     

One more stop to add to our dream trip on Route 66!

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