Friday, March 29, 2013

Cruisette Diary 14--Cookin' With Gas

It's cold.  And grey.  And drab.  And snowy.  And dead (well my patience is).  My winter has become one of the bushel of nordic crime-thrillers that have appeared in the wake of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo--bleak, repetitive, and spent.   Chronic malaise means Cruisette non-restoration continues at a torrid pace.  It doesn't mean I can't resort to substance abuse to dull the ennui.  Opiate call thyself ebay.
The spiffiest Princess LP stove popped up on the 'bay last week. One low-ball bid later (plus $48 worth of shipping), and 71 pounds of white porcelain-steel joy landed on my porch. 
A 50's vintage Princess, which works and needs only some cleaning and minor work to be good to go.

Unlike the circa 1972 cooktop now in 8050 this new toy will add something far beyond streamline vintage coolness.  We're now pie-cabable.
One other Cruisette--8037--has this very stove installed and purported to be the original.