Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fleabay Redux

The planet-wide junk shop that never closes has yet again dropped a really boss restoration detail right into my lap:

The Korean War prompted Ohio not to issue metal plates in '52, the year our Cruisette was originally titled.  I've looked at a fair amount of plates and never seen another one with the 1952 registration decal intact.  In an uncharacteristic instance of openmindedness the Ohio BMV will allow owners of historical vehicles to run, what they call, model year plates.  Come registration time this will be our new old plate.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ceramic Coolness

A short time back I grabbed these for the Cruisette at an antique joint in Marietta, O.  The crap-weasel owner offered a discount while I was browsing, but stiffed me at checkout time. My chump-ass still laid down 12 bucks in a fog of  ceramic lust.  I'da given him $15.   HA!
Definitely in the Fiestaware neighborhood, but not marked with anything but some spiffy speedlines.  Now which one for salt, which one for pepper?